Saturday, August 20, 2016

Yesterday - another great day

Beth Tom and I went to Kohl's.

We bought 5 golf shirts, a sweater, some kitchen equipment and two nice candles.

After Kohl's cash our total was 34 cents.  It would have been 45 cents, but the lady at the checkout counter gave us the 20% friends and family discount coupon.

It was a lot of fun.  Our golf shirts were 9 bucks - end of summer clearance.  Beth found a really nice sweater for 5 bucks - the best deal of the day.  (Note to my iPad.  When I put the words "best" and "buy" next to each other - I don't want them capitalized.  I hate that store).

More importantly it was good family time.  I believe, as a result of this shopping trip, Tom learned 3 things:

1. Head to the clearance racks - your money will go further.
2. Be patient and look through everything - the good stuff hides in different spots.
3. When riding the cart, it's best to find an open aisle.

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