Thursday, September 8, 2016

This Week's 8 track flashbacks

Supertramp, Breakfast in America.

Found it on Amazon music, and listened to the whole thing.  No track skips either!  I was always a huge fan of "The Long Way Home".  It had several songs that got solid air play, including "Goodbye Stranger", "The Logical Song" and "Breakfast in America". 

Other favorites for me were Gone Hollywood, Oh Darling and Just Another Nervous Wreck.  The last one might be my favorite song on the whole album.

Steve Martin, A Wild and Crazy Guy.

Found a copy at the library.  Listened to it on the way to work.  Found out that 35 years later I can still complete the punch lines.  And 35 years later it's still hilarious.

Best of The Bee Gees

Just because.

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