Monday, September 5, 2016

Traders World

I was a little surprised when the boys suggested we go to Trader's World over Labor Day weekend.  We hadn't been there in a very long time.  But it was Trader's World.  Why not?

Twenty years ago Beth, Kenny and I used to go once a month or even more.  Of course back then we lived about 15 minutes away.  It's now an hour drive.  In the past we would go up in the morning, take a lunch break, and continue.  On this day we had two hours available.  Joe got off work around 1:30.  We got on the road by 2, and were shopping by 3.

All five of us rode in the Honda C-RV. Our three sons cramped in the back.  As we started to leave Kenny yelled "Shotgun!"  Beth vetoed him.

Trader's World itself has changed.  There is a covered area for some of the outdoor vendors   This area goes on for what feels like a mile.  We started in this area.  Beth and I spent almost our entire time out there (we had two hours).

The shopping at Trader's World has not changed.  In the past we would spend most of our time outside.  This was mainly because we never knew what would be out there.  The inside vendors are more specific.  We know that the vendor with Beef Jerky will always have beef jerky.  Nothing wrong with beef jerky per se, but the element of surprise isn't there.  We prefer the outside vendors, and the unknown.

WHAT WE GOT:  One vendor had tables with piles of miscellaneous items.  I got a couple  of things there.  Tom got a nice putter for two bucks.  The guy was selling entire sets of golf clubs for five bucks.  My first question is:  How little did he pay for the clubs if he can get rid of them for five bucks?  That question aside, two bucks for a putter is a nice deal.  It was a nice putter, better than anything I've handed down to Tom.  Tom still has a putter on his Christmas list, but we will be able to  sell this putter at a garage sale for two bucks next year.  Let's consider it a free loaner putter.

I also picked up a little puzzle at that vendor.  Beth got some antique dolls there.  Somewhere along the line I got a Kings Island salt shaker that looks like a stein.  I didn't even know that it was a salt shaker until the guy showed me.  The pepper shaker that paired with it was missing.  That didn't bother me, because I just liked the stein for my collection.  The guy said "You can just have it".  That didn't bother me either.

At the end of the day the fruit / vegetable vendor said "Four bucks for the rest of my strawberries."  This was seven of those containers they sell at Meijer or Kroger.  The best price I've seen there is 3 for $5.  I bought them.  The kids ate some on the way to Cracker Barrel.  We put some more in the fridge when we got home.  Roughly six of the seven conainers were cut up and put in the freezer.  Future smoothie material for sure.

WHAT I DIDN'T GET:  I thought about getting a Big Bertha driver but passed, this time anyway.  I also saw a book "Faithful" by Stephen King and one other guy - the story of the 2004 Boston Red Sox  I didn't want it for content, I wanted it for formatting.  I figured I can get what I want from the library.

Then there was the electronic football game.  The game where you put the players on the metal board and turn on the game.  I always wanted one as a kid.  But I passed.  It wasn't in great shape.  Besides, I can use that game as justification for another trip.

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