Sunday, December 18, 2016

All In

"I'm all in."

"All in", at least in Phil's world, comes from the game of No Limit Texas Hold em.  In the game it means "I am betting every chip I have on this hand.  I am putting all my resources behind it."

It's both a scary and powerful thought.  If I'm right - I could double my money.  If I'm wrong, my game is over.  I am possibly saying no to all future hands to focus all of my energy on this one.

Going all in is exciting.  It's fun.

In real life - if you want real success - it's also mandatory.  When you have an idea that's good - you put all of your energy behind it.  (You may or may not have to put all your money behind it...  the analogy isn't 100%.  Or maybe it is - if I have the biggest stack of chips at the table, I never have to put 100% in to go "All In" - my opponent does though.).

Steve Jobs was all in on the iPod.  Then the iPhone.  And the iPad.

Mark Cuban was all in on

What has your passion?  What consumes you?  What can drive you to say "I'm all in!"

What do you have to give up to do it?

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