Saturday, December 3, 2016

Great things that happened today (and some from before) - December 3, 2016

- On Friday I got to talk with Jake Clarkson. A great mix of business and catching up.

- Also on Friday I had this half brainstorm / half why didn't I think of this 2 weeks ago moment that solved a problem at work.

- Today we went to Sam's Club and Kohl's....

- At Kohl's we spent our Kohl's cash, and about 6 dollars more. 5 bucks of that was Tom, so we actually wound up getting clothes, candles and k-cups for a buck.

- Went up to the Old Firehouse Brewery with Kenny, Joe and Tommy. Beers and orange sodas. I swear their orange soda is the best stuff ever. 

- Well, it wasn't as good as the 4 beer flight I had, but it was good.

- Went to the Y with Beth and Tommy. Beth and I walked on the track.

- Actually Beth was walking faster than I was. Her knee is healing nicely!

- I wound up getting exactly 11,000 steps yesterday. Completely unplanned, and in fact unknown until I just looked it up.

- On Thursday I got exactly 10,000 steps. That was totally planned.

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