Sunday, December 11, 2016

Great things that happened today - December 11, 2016

- Started a new Kindle Book: "Getting More" by Stuart Diamond.
- Ran at the Y on the indoor track.
- My 2013 Budweiser Stein came from Ebay (this actually happened a couple of days ago) and I put it up in its place on the shelf. That means the collection is up to date (pending the 2016 stein which is on my Christmas list)....
- Tommy and I put together the next vlog episode.
- AND we added a cool new opening and ending screen.
- All of which will be published a little later today.
- Kenny and I recorded the raw footage for his first guitar tip episode. It will come out later this week (after finals).
- Grilled burgers with Beth, Kenny, Tommy, Joe and Joe's girlfriend Emily. They are the 90/10 burgers - Sam's club has the best price on that ground beef (by far).
- And a really good chocolate cake for dessert.
- I restarted my blog. The new blog will be a collection of Great Things comments + detailed stories on certain items.
- I didn't watch any of the Browns / Bengals game. I almost did, because it was on at the Y in front of the treadmills. But when I saw it on there, I immediately opted to go to the indoor track and run.

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