Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Great things that happened today - December 14, 2016

- Got my annual eye exam.
- Slight change to the prescription.
- Still not getting bifocals....
- Got two major things done at work.
- Added Jethro Tull to my Amazon Christmas music playlist.
- Troop Christmas party...
- Lots of good food. There was a fruit tray (thanks to Beth) and a veggie tray - so I ate some good stuff.
- I also ate a couple of the cookies...
- The guys had a gift exchange.
- Some of the guys played Poo (a card game - it's in the Vlog - the basic idea is you are a monkey and you want to throw poo on the other monkeys before they throw poo on you. It's not Bridge, but it's a lot of fun).
- There was also a game of electronic Monopoly - you use a card instead of cash. Very interesting.

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