Friday, December 2, 2016

Great things that happened today - December 2, 2016

- We had dinner at the Methodist church. Turkey or ham (Beth and I had turkey, Tommy had a little of each), dressing, mashed potatoes, etc.,

 - Kenny had spaghetti from the Presbyterian church but brought it over and ate with us. (Kenny didn't switch teams, but they do make some good spaghetti...)

- Most of the local businesses were open and had some cool displays. We stopped at......

- The library, where I found a book at the used book sale (see also the vlog).

- Pete Cooper's barber shop. Pete had a really cool bears playing Christmas music on a xylophone toy (see also the vlog).

- Krista Garman Joehnk had her Brownies set up giving away brownies for donations as a fund raiser (pretty clever when you think about it - if Tiger Scouts were giving away tigers that wouldn't be nearly as well received).

- Windy's world where we saw some quilts.

- Wrinkles Antiques where Tommy got a stocking.

- Herbst Insurance Agency where they had some really cool electric trains.

- Spekaing of electric trains, I learned that it's not a good idea to play with trains at dinner if you're having decaf and wearing light jeans. The really great thing is they are lined jeans, so the hot cofffee didn't feel that hot when it made it to my leg.

-With all that walking, both Beth and I were over 10,000 steps. The funniest thing was I was holding hands with Beth and felt her fitbit go off at 10,000 steps.

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