Monday, January 2, 2017

Great things revisited - Banana milkshakes

Banana milkshakes aren't for everyone.  Some people don't like bananas.  Some people like thick milkshakes. 

But Beth and I love banana milkshakes. 

The recipe is easy:  A ripe banana, 2-3 scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt (Kroger or Homemade brand are the favorites), and 1% milk.  I add some cinnamon to mine occasionally.  (When I want to really live life on the edge).

Put it in the Nutri Bullet, blend it for 20 seconds, and it's done.

As desserts go, it's not particularly bad calorie or fat wise.  My chocolate milk shake is thicker, and not quite as good calorie wise.  But if my three sons were writing a great things list, the chocolate shake would make it on their list.
The type of milkshake isn't important.  The event of having a milkshake is.  We get a chance to share a little bit of life.  That's always a great thing.

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