Sunday, January 1, 2017


10. Banana milkshakes. Lots of them....

9. Early in the year we needed a hearth rug by our fireplace. We found one at Kohl's. And it was free because we used our Kohl's cash.  The rug by itself is nice - but it represented something we did frequently in 2016.  If we needed something, we didn't just go buy it.  We found the best way to get something really nice (i.e. not pay full price for the first thing we saw).

8. GeoFest. Beth, Tommy and I love to go and check out the cool rocks and fossils. I got a fossilized sand dollar this year.  GeoFest is the best.  Tommy gets in for free when he wears a scout uniform.  And he gets a small thing of samples.

7. EMUG 2016. Mike McIntosh and I got to hang out in Seattle. I got to meet some great people, deliver a keynote, and watch the Indians secure a trip to the World Series. (This won't be the last time the Indians make this list.)

6. Spring Break Week. Beth, Tommy and I went to the Zoo and the Art Museum. A great moment / memory: We packed our lunch at the zoo. It was cold out, so we wound up having a picnic lunch in the car.

5. The Cavs won the NBA championship, and the Indians provided a summer's worth of entertainment all the way to The World Series.

4. Beth's pumpkin pies are the greatest dessert in the world! They made the Great Things list every time she made one.

3. Our annual trek to Charleston.

2. Christmas break, spent with family. A time to unlug and refresh. Actually there were 5 times this year that I was able to do that (Spring Break, Chalreston, Summer Camp, Thanksgiving and Christmas). 6 weeks vacation=A great thing.

1. Friends and family to share great times. 2016 was a fantastic year. Here's hoping 2017 is even better for all of us!

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