Friday, August 25, 2017

The Kohl's Cash Vortex

I haven't studied it exactly - but I think it happens ever year about this time.  We are caught in what I like to call the "Kohl's Cash Vortex."

It starts easily enough - we go to Kohl's, hit the clearance racks, get some good stuff, and some Kohl's cash.

In this case, we didn't get through all the clearance racks the first time, so we went back with our cash, went through more clearance stuff, spent our cash, spent some more and earned more cash.  (We had an additional 20% off - that always helps).

Then... they sent us an additional 30% off.   This is when I pull out my "Things I will get the next time we have 30% off at Kohl's list" (Yeah, that's what I call it).

So I get work shoes (Sketchers) and running shoes (Asics).  They don't ever go on a great sale (unless Asics is discontinuing a model), so I wait until 30% off and go all in.

This of course helps us earn...  more Kohl's cash.

Eventually we break the cycle.  This involes going in, and buying k-cups with the cash.

I'm not sure we're there yet.  Maybe one more trip through the clearance racks first...

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