Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Well, I'm glad I saw that coming...

Warning:  If you are some day planning on watching Downton Abbey - read no further.  Unless you've made it past season three.

Actually, if you've made it past season two you might want to read further.

It was at some point in season two that I decided to learn the history of the actors and actresses in Downton Abbey.  There were a few that were familiar, but most were not.

I went to IMDB to learn who they were.  Big mistake.  Or so I thought.

Because it turns out three of them were only listed as being in seasons one through three:  Miss O'Brien (No big loss), Sybil (What?  one of the three daughters) and... Matthew.

I figured out what happened with Sybil:  Died during childbirth.  Not a surprise.

And O'Brien was so mean - there were any number of possible endings for her - all of them welcome.

But Matthew? 

It turned out the actor wanted to do something else so they wrote him off.

And they did it in the most horrible way possible.  His wife had a baby - and he was driving home, and one head on collision later, he's done.

The worst part of it:  The original episode was shown on Christmas Day. 

In this case, knowing it was coming was a good thing.  And not watching it on Christmas Day was also a good thing.

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