Sunday, November 5, 2017

Handling the Time Change

Today the clocks move back.

This is the easy one.  It’s a free hour.

I handle this one like I handle a trip to the Central Time Zone (from Eastern).  For as long as I can, I try to stay on the old time.  That means I get up an hour early, and go to bed an hour early.  (I become Ben Franklin).  This gives me more time in the morning to plan, read, meditate, exercise.

The idea is to get that extra hour every day for as long as I can.

The key is “For as long as I can”.  On trips to the Central Time Zone, I generally get 3 days of extra time.  And it’s not an hour each day.  It’s an hour the first day, maybe 40 minutes the second, and 20-30 minutes on the third.  Hopefully I can do better than that in my home time zone.

The irony of this is that most of my trips to the Central Time Zone are about 3 days, so just when I get fully on Central Time, I have to give the hour back.

That’s the downside:  Giving the hour back.  But that’s not today’s problem.  We’ll cover that in a later blog post.

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