Monday, September 10, 2018

Great Things that happened on 9/10/18

- Great progress on my work initiative.
- Thanks in large part to Carmen Pazos Hethmon for setting some stuff up quickly.
- Ran outside in the cooler weather.
Beth and I went to Kroger after dinner.
- I went over to Orschein while Beth started on the groceries.
- I didn’t find what I wanted (bench anchors for Tom’s Eagle project) but I did get some good ideas from the guy who worked there.
- And more ideas from Andy Creighton.
- Beth, Tommy and I watched The Office before bed.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Great things that happened 9/9/18

- Wrote a speech. That’s three since Chicago.
- Swam at the Y.
- Dinner with BethTommyJoe and Beth’s parents. Pasta bake and chocolate cake. It not only rhymed, it was delicious!
- Decided we won’t be traveling to our mill in Virginia this week. As a general rule I avoid traveling to the east coast when hurricanes are also traveling there (or near there).
- Took advantage of my newly open calendar and added a few tasks that needed to get off the “Someday/Maybe” list.

Sometimes I get in a writing slump - maybe not full blown writers block, but at least a slow period. In those times I plow through. I go to my story files and keep plugging away. But it's hard work.

Then there are times like right now - the ideas and speeches and stories just flow. So I grab them all.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Great things flashback / Secret recipe - Grilled burgers

Originally posted Labor Day 2017:

Yesterday we had the family over for Labor Day dinner.  It was a feast.  I did the easy part:  Burgers and brats on the grill.  (Especially easy since we went with pre-cooked brats).

I fired up the grill and put the burgers and brats on.  I got the ground beef from Jungle Jim's.  It was 85/15.  That's the maximum fat I'm allowed, and the minimum fat needed to get some really good flames going on the grill.  I like the grill to look like a Burger King commercial.  And by that I mean one of the old ones where they showed fire.  I don't dress up like the creepy king.

I  use a hand press to make the patties.  I press half the patty down, then add some garlic and Worcestershire sauce.  I add the top half of the patty and press it again. 

That's pretty much it.  Not much of a secret when you get right down to it.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Great things flashback - September 2, 2017:

- Lunch with Chris and Donna Greene Malfara at Mon Ami.
- It was the first time I've been there since High School.
- It looks a lot better.
- And the food was great.
- Mom and dad and I went to Portage Resale - a store that raises money for local Ottawa County charities.
- I did my part - two steins and a board game. Because you can never have enough of either.
- We stopped at Bergman Orchards Rt. 269, and got peaches.
- Then we went to Kohl's.
- I got a 2017 Cleveland Browns calendar for a future vlog episode with Tommy Barth.
- Mom made tacos for dinner.
- Then I went down to Uncle Erv's old house, and mom's cousins helped me get a 107 year old rocking chair out of the garage attic.
- It was a baby gift to my grandma's mom (In 1910).