Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Great things 2017 Flashback - Best Book (The Alchemist)

Great things originally written September 3, 2017.

- Made it to Marblehead to visit mom and dad.
- Saw mom's cousins Diane and Tom as well.
- Finished the book "The Happiness Project" on the way. It was really interesting, and hilarious in spots....
- Started the book "The Alchemist". Very good so far.
- Got to watch the Indians destroy the Tigers 10-0.
- Got a good night's sleep.


Of all the books I read in 2017 The Alchemist was my favorite.  It was an audio book (like most of my reading, I "read" in the car).  The story is fantastic.  The version I had was narrated by was narrated by Jeremy Irons.  That made it even better.

I listened to it twice.  Once on the way to and from my parents house on Labor Day weekend, and again going to and from a campout a week later.  The second time was with my son Tommy.  When a book can hold the interest of a 15 year old (and his dad), it's a winner.

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