Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The first New Year's Resolution is complete.

When I made my New Year's Resolutions, I decided that I wanted to do one really "K.A." thing each month (on average). It would be the culmination of planning and work, and it would definitely K some A. 

(By the way - you can choose K.A. stands for - if you want it to mean "killer awesome" that's fine with me - it's not what I wrote on my resolutions - but it's close enough).

12 is a lot, but the calendar already had at least 7 on it:

Initial speech contest (February)
Vacation at Isle of Palms (May / June)
Sea Base trip (June)
Day Camp (June... June is going to K some serious A).
Summer Camp (July / August)
Family Thanksgiving (November)
Family Christmas (December)

And, depending on how the speech contest goes, that could be the remaining five (one for each level).

That said, I figured it might be good to have more in the inventory (in case I don't win the World Championship of Public Speaking this year...).

Yesterday I completed the first one - something I had been working on since October of last year:

I jumped into a swimming pool, swam one mile, and got back out.

Given the fact that last July I couldn't swim a full length (aka 25 meters), this was truly a K.A. event.

Great things happen every day.  You just need to find them.

K.A. things don't happen every day.  They require planning and work.  That's what makes them a K.A. thing.

What's your next K.A. event?

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