Sunday, September 2, 2018

Great things flashback - September 2, 2017:

- Lunch with Chris and Donna Greene Malfara at Mon Ami.
- It was the first time I've been there since High School.
- It looks a lot better.
- And the food was great.
- Mom and dad and I went to Portage Resale - a store that raises money for local Ottawa County charities.
- I did my part - two steins and a board game. Because you can never have enough of either.
- We stopped at Bergman Orchards Rt. 269, and got peaches.
- Then we went to Kohl's.
- I got a 2017 Cleveland Browns calendar for a future vlog episode with Tommy Barth.
- Mom made tacos for dinner.
- Then I went down to Uncle Erv's old house, and mom's cousins helped me get a 107 year old rocking chair out of the garage attic.
- It was a baby gift to my grandma's mom (In 1910).


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