Friday, June 21, 2019

Great things that happened on June 21, 2019

- Lunch at The Schoolhouse Restaurant with co-workers.

- It was delicious as always.

- Got a lot of project work done. Also a good office cleanup ahead of my week off.

- Beth, Tommy and I went to Sam’s Club and got the Day Camp supplies.

- Then we stopped at Jungle Jim’s for some Day Camp items, and some personal items.

- Oh and we had dinner at Panera - I went with salad after the big lunch.

- Made it home in time to watch the Indians come from behind and then hold off the Tigers.

The Schoolhouse restaurant in Milford Ohio is incredible. The food is great, there is plenty of it, and the restaurant itself is in a 155 year old building that was a schoolhouse until 1952.

The link has all the history - but one thing that I find particularly amusing is this quote:

The second story contained the Principal’s office, used as our bar for special events...

The more you know...

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