Wednesday, July 17, 2019

El Milagro Notes - July 17, 2019

The thing I was most concerted about coming to El Milagro was Montezuma's revenge (and yeah I know Montezuma wasn't an Inca).

Side note: There are worse things in Peru. Malaria and Yellow Fever spring right to mind. But there are shots and medicine for those.

I prayed to stay healthy. But I also figured: It's really in my hands.

So I barely TOUCHED the local water. And when I did I used sanitizer immediately after. I'm not a germophobe at all, but in Peru I'm willing to learn.

So Sunday night we had a service and the locals prayed for us.

Then later they asked us to line up and pray for the locals. A local person would come up to us and we would put our hands on them and pray for them.

Of course before we could pray we would need an interpreter to tell us what we were praying for. (The exception being when one of the kids - Kevin - said bicicleta to Tommy)

A young lady holding her baby came up to me. I put my hands on her and the baby while we waited for the interpreter.

The interpreter comes up, talks to her, then says to me "She needs you to pray that she recovers from the flu."

Flu recovery and prevention was the most sincere prayer I offered that week.

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