Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Great things that happened on July 24, 2019

So Monday evening (and all day Tuesday) I had soreness in my leg in the same spot as late last year when I had a deep vein thrombosis.

Given that I had spent eight hours on a flight from Lima to Toronto on Sunday I had good reason to get everything checked out.

But... I couldn’t get the scan done until yesterday. So I spent some time freaking out about what would happen if it were in fact another DVT - I would probably never go to Peru again, or to Europe with Tommy next year, or to all the places Beth and I are going to see, etc.

Well - the scan was clean. NO DVT!

The soreness was probably (in my estimation) from wearing the compression socks on the flight, and basically for 24 hours in total.

This didn’t happen on the way down because I wore a better pair of compression socks.

So I ordered a second pair of the better (and dare I say more fashionable) compression socks from Amazon.

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