Monday, September 23, 2019

The Great No Football Experiment - Week Three

The Browns were on national TV - but not on Sunday afternoon.

That worked out well, because I spent Sunday afternoon flying to Canada.

Live football was an option on the flight from Minneapolis to Calgary - at least up until we crossed into Canadian airspace (all the TV feeds went out then) - but I declined.

Instead I read, wrote some speech material, listened to music and performed a GTD style weekly review.

All better than watching Tom Brady (that's what the guy in front of me was doing).

I did watch some of the Browns game Sunday evening (on Canadian TV - so I guess they were on international TV. But I got tired, and turned them off before they blew it. Score one for being old.


1. Spent quality time with extended family.
2. Read a book and did a GTD review on a flight to Canada.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Great No Football Experiment - Monday...

I didn’t really think about the Browns schedule when I came up with my big plan last week.  Had I thought about it I would have realized they played on Monday night this week. And, in the heat of the moment, I might have made a rash decision to not watch them whenever they played.

This would have been unfortunate in that I would have had to try to do a project on Monday night. Experience tells me that Monday night is one of my least productive times.

So when Sunday came I realized that there was no Browns game to boycott. Furthermore, there would be no Browns game to boycott next week. They play Sunday night, which is an even worse time to attempt a project.

I quickly adjusted:  No football at all on Sunday afternoons. For the rest of the season I will dedicate Sunday afternoons to projects, or other pursuits (like this Sunday).

This covers many Browns games, as well as Patriots games and other teams I have no interest in watching.

The other upside of this is that I can watch the Browns tomorrow night. At least for a little while.

And I suppose if the Browns start playing well I can record the Sunday afternoon game.

The great no-NFL experiment - Week two (plus project description)

I'll admit it - I quit watching football at halftime of the Browns' 43-13 loss to Tennessee (at home no less).  I didn't want to spend time watching a team that committed almost 200 yards of penalties, including one for kicking an opponent in the head (that one came with an ejection).

Then after the game I read about Odell Beckham Jr - a very talented receiver, probably one of the most talented the Browns have ever had - wearing a $350,000 watch. Then I read that he will keep wearing it.  I don't give a crap about what he does or doesn't wear, but I do give a crap when that becomes the focus.

And then I read about Antonio Brown for what felt like the 100th time.

And frankly I'm tired of seeing the Patriots get players like Brown in what feels like an underhanded way.

Also, I'm tired of the Patriots.  And the Browns for that matter.

Suddenly I had a thought. After giving up football for a half day on Sunday I got the lawn done, plus some other work. What could I accomplish if I skipped football every Sunday?

On Monday I started a list of projects. Small projects that could be done on a Sunday afternoon.

And then... on week two of the NFL season... I did none of them. Instead of watching football, or doing a project, I spent time with Beth's extended family. We talked, had some wine and ate a meal together. We talked about my dad passing and other family members as well.

Admittedly the Browns didn't play, so it wasn't like I skipped watching them.

(And I haven't decided about tonight's game yet).

But one week into the Sunday experiment the scorecard looks like this:


1. Spent quality time with extended family.

We had Beth’s mom’s family reunion. This involves a large group of fun relatives sitting in the front yard in the shade, eating food, drinking wine and having great conversation.

I talked with Butch and Sandy. Sandy went through chemo since we last talked. She has come out cancer free. And she now has nice curly hair!

I talked with Margie and Susie. We talked about dad’s passing away. Susie lost her husband to Alzheimer’s. We were able to share good stories (and a glass of wine or two) (or three).