Sunday, October 13, 2019

The Great No Football Experiment - Week Six

We didn't do a project this Sunday.  It wasn't because we didn't have projects in the inventory - we had plenty.

But we started with lunch at my in-laws. We had soup, homemade bread, and wine. Beth's niece was in from Florida, along with Beth's grand niece.

Eating and talking with family is time well spent especially compared to watching football. This opinion was shared by my father in law, a Cincinnati Bengals fan. He didn't even turn on the game.

When we got home we realized we didn't have project time. Instead we had clean up (and get set up for the next project) time.

So instead of football we:
- mowed part of the lawn,
- burned up all the extra wood in the fire pit (this had the added benefit of killing all the weeds in the fire pit).
- put away some leftover items from the scout campout.
- pulled weeds.
- edged around the sidewalk.
- and worked (to little or no avail sadly) on getting the lawnmower to self-propel both wheels (instead of one).

Meanwhile, the Browns turned a 20-6 lead into a 32-28 loss, once again convincing me I made the right call at the start of the season.

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