Monday, November 18, 2019

Sunday Fun Day

The Browns didn't play on Sunday. They played on Thursday. They won, beating the Steelers 21-7.

Since I only agreed to skip Sunday afternoon football, and since it was Browns against the Steelers, I watched.

I watched the whole game. Even the little disagreement at the end.

But this isn't about that game, or the fight. This is about Sunday projects. It would be very immature of me to bring up anything related to the end of the game on this post.

This Sunday's project wasn't a project at all. Instead it was a hike. We had our troop planning meeting on Saturday. We stayed overnight and then joined about 300 others in a five mile hike: The 100th anniversary We-Hin-O-Pay trail hike.

Five miles of hiking. It included two very large hills. It also included a lunch stop in the middle of the hike.

My calves are sore today. But probably not as sore as Mason Rudolph was on Friday morning.

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