Monday, November 25, 2019

Sunday project - fixing a hole in the wall.

First off: The Browns. This would have been a good game to watch. The Browns got out to a 28-0 lead and wound up winning 41-24. Joe Schobert had two more interceptions. All in all a good day.

That said, I fixed one of the bigger problems on our list. One that, had any of the drywall repair companies on Angie's List responded to my phone call, I would have outsourced (for a whole lot more money that what I paid to fix it.

We have had a drywall hole in the finished basement for a while. Saturday evening I went to Lowes and picked up a patch kit (I already had the sheetrock compound at home) and larger putty knife (I had the small ones at home).

Here are the before and so far pictures. As you can see, the patch wasn't fully dry by the end of the day. Additionally there are some cracks near the hole that will need a layer of spackle applied before we paint. Target date for painting is Friday. That means the official Sunday project for this week will come early. But that will leave Sunday for antique shopping.


1. Spent quality time with extended family.
2. Read a book and did a GTD review on a flight to Canada.
3. Painted the basement wall in preparation for the new office and entertainment areas.
4. Cleaned out the detached garage.
5. Cleaned up the yard and burned up everything in the fire pit (killing lots of weeds in the process).
6. Assembled a basketball hoop.
7. Cleaned and organized the master bedroom closet.
8. Got a puppy!
9. Assembled a spice rack, finished a cornhole board and cleaned out the bog garden.
10. Hiked five miles.
11. Fixed a large hole in the wall.

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