Monday, December 16, 2019

A little different take on the Sunday project day

Officially this is what happened on Sunday (instead of watching football):

I flew to Memphis.

It was an evening flight, but Sunday afternoon was spent packing for the trip.

I did get to see the Patriots team jet at the Cincinnati airport.

No photo description available.
Today's flight is operated by Cheat Air

I also saw a bunch of fans in Patriots jerseys at the Greater Cincinnati airport. There was one guy at the airport wearing a Bengals jersey. I assume he lost a bet.

From a Patriot fan's point of view this makes a lot of sense. Getting a flight to Cincinnati then buying a "scalped" ticket (can we really call it "scalping" when the tickets are probably nowhere near face value at this point?) is likely cheaper than buying tickets for a home game.

My son was at the game (he got a free ticket). He said there were way more Patriot fans in the half full stadium than Bengals fans.

As a side note, when I got off the flight in Atlanta a pilot was waiting to board. He asked me if the flight was coming in from Boston (given all the Patriots jerseys). I said no and explained why there were so many Patriot jerseys.

He told me that before the Patriots bought their own team jet he had flown a couple of team charters. The Patriot charter flight lands in Providence. When the plane gets to the hangar all of the players cars (Escalades and more) are started and warmed up, ready to go.

Such is life in the NFL. It's a tough game, but the perks are great.

And occasionally an NFL player can let that go to his head and act like a spoiled brat, if the coach lets him.

Bill Belichick doesn't let that happen.

Freddie Kitchens does.

And that's why I have completed a large number of projects this year.

(Ironically none of them involved a kitchen change... something the Browns will hopefully do this year).

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