Monday, December 9, 2019

Sunday (and part of Saturday as well) Project - moving equipment and more

First off the game that I didn't see:

The Browns won. It wasn't pretty, but they won. I watched the highlights later. Baker Mayfield threw two interceptions, but one was a terrible call. The receiver was down, the linebacker took the ball after. To call that an interception is wrong. But even if the call was right - the ball hit the receiver right where it should have.

I could go on, but this is a blog about what I did instead of watching football.

On Saturday we borrowed an appliance dolly and moved the 160 lb. huge TV downstairs. It will become a video game TV - with Netflix connections using a Roku box as well.

We then attempted to move the entertainment center with the dolly. It got stuck on the turn of the stairs. So we brought it back upstairs. Joe then called his friend Ben. Ben came over and Joe and Ben moved the entertainment center downstairs. They then lifted the TV up and put it in the entertainment center.

The key in all this was to get me out of the way.

As part of the execution of this project (note that the word planning wasn't used in that sentence) I moved things around to get into the crawl space. While I was there, I took the file cabinet out and moved it next to the desk.

Sunday's project was to clean everything out of the file cabinet and re-organize it. That took WAY more time than planned. But at the end of the day I had an organized file cabinet next to the desk.

I also had enough time to put up some Christmas lights on the deck

And I reorganized my wine rack in the bar area.

Finally I was able to put the components back in the entertainment center.

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