Sunday, December 29, 2019

The last Sunday non-football project

Let's get rid of the ugliness first: The Browns lost to the Bengals. This doubled the Bengals' win total, and doomed (if they weren't doomed already) John Dorsey and Freddie Kitchens.
Speaking of Kitchens, we spent some of our Sunday project day in the kitchen... loading up our plates with food.

Sunday was another one of our family parties. Tis the season...

We tend to have a few more parties than most, due to late December birthdays. The schedule breaks out like this:

December 24: Christmas Eve.
December 25: Christmas Day.
December 27: Our son Tom's birthday.
December 29: Beth's sister Paige's birthday.
December 31: New Years Eve.

The Paige birthday dinner fell on Sunday. We had lasagna and wine.

Here are pictures from the various festivities.

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