Monday, January 6, 2020

A valuable (and somewhat gross) Sunday project - Christmas storage

We have a crawl space under the steps leading to our basement. Up until this project it was used to for storing any items where we had no better storage options.

Note: Upon cleaning out the crawl space "better storage options" turned out to be - in many cases - garbage, recycle or donate.

Meanwhile, we had a large basement shelf dedicated to storing our Christmas items.

It occurred to me that we only need to access the Christmas items once a year, and we could move the bins into that space, provided that:

1. We cleaned out the space,
2. We took steps to make sure that space stayed clean.

On December 14 our handyman made sure we could keep the space clean when he sealed up the heal behind the freezer in the garage. This hole was the point of entry for mice. (Point of exit was a trap in the crawl space).

That left the space cleanup to me on the project.

It never occurred to me that all the mice who were coming in every winter, and eventually testing the mouse trap, would need an out of the way place to live. Once I started to clean the crawl space I figured out where they were living.

And shitting.

They had made beds of insulation, and apparently they don't get out of bed to crap.

I didn't take any before pictures. You're welcome.

But I certainly took some after pics...

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