Thursday, February 27, 2020

Day 2 Challenge: Turn off the phone and help someone

Today's lent 40 day challenge:  Look for ways to help others.

So the options for this one were:
1) Put away your phone and all distractions for the length of your commute and watch for needs, or
2) At midday and 3pm (or two other times) spend 5 minutes looking for a way to be generous, or
3) Put your phone on airplane mode for as long as practical. When you go to reach for your phone, think of how you can be generous to someone instead.
Given that my commute is around 6 hours today and I need to get some things done option one won't work.
Option two might work on a normal day but on a flight day, not so much.
So I'm going to put the phone on airplane mode and skip the mindless games during the flight. I will get my work done and then think of ways to help others.


I took off my headphones in the jetway. That enabled me to have a conversation with a young boy behind me. He was telling his mom that a trampoline from the jetway to the plane would be fun. I told him that if he did that I'd fly on his airplane for sure.

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