Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Attending a Toastmasters Meeting on Every Continent - Europe

Yesterday I attended my first virtual Toastmasters meeting in Europe - the Blarney Toastmasters meeting. 

It was a very welcoming club. I got there early and visited with two members (Moira O'Brien and Ted Mellamphy). Ted asked where I was from. When I said Ohio, he started singing the song "Banks of the Ohio" (I have since loaded it on my iPhone with a couple more Olivia Newton John selections). Moira grabbed her guitar and accompanied him. Very cool.

The meeting was a blast. Great speeches, great evaluations and great table topics. I was able to answer one of the questions: "Are you missing sports right now?" (That was an easy one... "Yes because it's baseball season and the Indians are normally good... football season wouldn't be a loss at all..." Okay that wasn't my exact answer, but I was able to go for over one minute easily).

This is another club I would love to someday visit, for three reasons:

  1. It's in Ireland - and that is on my bucket list.
  2. They said they have a right of passage for all members - kissing the Blarney stone. I'm all in.
  3. They mentioned that they head to the bar after the meeting. And I noticed Ted had his beer ready. Due to the time difference I was unable to do that - this time anyway. Another couple of weeks and I might try a little virtual day drinking with them. But in person I would gladly join these fine people for a drink.

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