Friday, April 3, 2020

Football season comes early

Every year (well maybe every year except 2016 and 2017) I look to the start of the Cleveland Browns season with a bit of optimism. Displaced optimism to be sure, but optimism nonetheless.

And every year, usually the first football weekend in September, I give up on the Browns.

(If you go back through this blog you can see that last year it happened at halftime of the opening game against the Titans, and Sunday project day was born).

That means every fall we have a really nice looking yard. The time I would have spent watching football is spent mowing, raking, edging, etc.

Yesterday, as I was mowing the grass for a second time this spring (probably a record), something occurred to me:

The shelter in home order (now extended to May 1) PLUS no baseball season gives us a chance to have our football yard in the spring.

And really, that's the time you want to have the really nice yard.

Normally spring is hectic around here. And grass (and weeds) grow like crazy. And if we do get a free day, it could be raining.

This year, we have extra time.

BONUS: We are getting a second nice weekend weather-wise.

So the #greatthing is: A great looking lawn. It starts now.

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