Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Great things that happened yesterday - Tiger Time!

Last night Joe, Tom and I were sitting in the family room. Joe started talking with Tom while I was reading - so I heard roughly half of their conversation.

Joe said "Do you want to go downstairs and watch the first episode?"

I said "Wait - are you guys talking about that Netflix tiger show?"

And really, that was all I knew about it: "That Netflix tiger show". Earlier in the day I read two different posts on Facebook referring to it - one was a guy saying "I didn't realize I could get a tiger for $2000!" and the other said something like "If you had told me a week ago that I'd be watching a documentary about a crazy tiger guy..."

They said "Yeah." And they told me a little bit of the back story.

I said "I'm in. Go ask your mom if she wants to watch."

They gave her the back story and she was in too.

Based on the description we said we'd give one episode a try.

Five minutes in we were hooked.

I'm not a fan of binge watching, not right now anyway. Right now we need something to look forward to as a family. And 45 minutes each night of sharing life - even if it involves a crazy tiger guy - is a great thing.

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