Monday, April 6, 2020

Is this crisis bringing out the best in humanity?

It's easy to focus on the negative in the COVID-19 pandemic.

People are dying.

New York City looks like a mess on the news. (I'm not there, so I can't say for certain).

Donald Trump press conferences are antagonistic (both sides should agree with this one. Feel free to point fingers in either direction, and feel free to know that whichever direction you point, I could care less).

Here's the #greatthing though:

I'm seeing and hearing all sorts of examples of people reaching out to help others. Some of them are big things and they make the news.

But equally if not more important are the little things. My mom is 80 years old. People are coming to her house and working on her yard. They are getting her groceries. They leave them on the porch. Mom talks to them through the screened window in the kitchen.

One lady went on and found the exact cat food that mom's 17 year old cat eats. This was after she went to Kroger and learned they were out of it. (Wait, are people now hoarding cat food?)

I saw a post recently on Facebook. My friend Tina and her sons were visiting her parents (and my friends) Mary and Noe. They ate pizza together. Tina and the boys were out in the yard. Mary and Noe were in the house. But they were able to talk and have dinner.

This is not a rah rah we'll get through this post. I've read enough of those.

It's a "Look at how many really good people are out there" post. Pandemic or not, they are there.

And that's a great thing.

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