Tuesday, April 14, 2020

My second visit to the Taniwiha Hunters Toastmasters Club in New Zealand

On Monday - well, Tuesday their time - I attended my second meeting of the Taniwha Hunters Toastmasters club. The club is based in New Zealand, but thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic plus Zoom videoconferencing I was able to attend from my basement in Ohio.

I was invited back by my friend Kingi Biddle. He gave me a speaking spot on the agenda so I could practice my 2020 World Championship of Public Speaking speech.

The club gave me a round robin evaluation, even staying late to complete it. The feedback was tremendous.

Kingi gave me feedback that made it clear what wasn't working with the speech. I knew something was off, because I was consistently rushing the ending. His feedback was "Get to the green of your speech faster!" (I will post a link to the speech at some point - but "the green" is referenced in the speech - and for our purposes it means "the point, the story, the lesson, the ending" etc.)

This was exactly what I needed to hear. The rewrite of the speech (well it's more like deleting some lines as opposed to a rewrite) will happen today.

Other feedback was greatly appreciated as well. A lot of it centered on how I'm coming across on video, and it will be very helpful. This is a new medium (for all of us) and I need to learn how to use it effectively. (And learn quickly, the next contest is Saturday!)

Thank you again to all of the Taniwha Hunters!

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