Friday, April 24, 2020

Something I want to carry past COVID-19 - small thoughtful gifts

I borrowed my father in law's Gator 4x2 for this week's mulch project. When I borrowed it I told him "I left a payment on your garage shelf."

He was pretty sure I put a beer there.

It wasn't a beer. It was a bottle of his favorite Tawny Port.

I had the idea as soon as we started using Kroger Clicklist. I put two bottles (one for him, one for me) in the cart.

Every order I would ask for two bottles. And every order I would get a message "Out of stock". Were people using this for sanitizer? What gives?

On Tuesday our luck changed. In addition to all the other groceries, there were two bottles of port.

Before I got home with the Gator my wife got a call from him "He can keep it for a week!"

Thursday as Beth and I walked out the driveway I noticed something yellow on the ground. It was a painted rock. Someone from church has been leaving these rocks on people's doorsteps and driveways.

It was a really cool moment. We both knew that someone was thinking of us and it made us feel great.

When I was young people wrote more letters and cards. It was a cool moment to get a note (or a cereal box top baseball game) in the mail. With the exception of Christmas and birthdays this has been largely lost to technology. The unexpected note has almost been entirely lost.

Until recently I didn't even miss it. Now that I have it again, I want to keep it going. Time to buy some cards and stamps!

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