Saturday, April 11, 2020

Something I will carry forward past COVID19 - Clicklist

As soon as the shelter in place order came out we decided to try pickup orders at Kroger.

We are now hooked.

It works like this: If you have a Kroger Plus card (and who doesn't?) you sign on to your online account and start an order. Once you do that, you can browse your recent purchase - both in store and online - for items to add to the order.

It takes us maybe 15 minutes to get our order done. That's less than it takes us to drive to Kroger, much less shop.

(To be fair, we still have to drive there either way. But 15 minutes to get things picked out and paid for is an amazing time savings, and well worth the $4.99 normal fee that applies).

There are some minor issues right now. If we don't select "no substitutions" we get some interesting replacement products for the out of stock items. On the downside - they replaced individual servings of Minute Rice with large bags of Uncle Ben's instant rice. (Good thing Tom and I like rice). On the upside - they replaced regular Eckrich hot dogs with cheese filled Eckrich hot dogs and Joe and Tom couldn't be happier.

The other issue of course is if we select "no substitutions" we can miss out on some items. So far this hasn't been a big problem. In fact I planned for it on our last order by putting every kind of grill meat I could think of in the cart, just to make sure we were covered. And... they had them all in stock. So we are grilling every night right now.

Currently the wait time is around five days, so it's like a college kegger. Grab your beer, and get right back in line for the next one.

It works pretty well. We put the basic order together on Wednesday and got in line. Then as the week goes along we bring up the order and add items. We can continue doing this until the day before.

Imagine doing that at the store. You grab a cart, throw some bread and milk in there and get in the back of the checkout line. Then while you're in line you send the kids out to grab more and more items and add them to the cart...

Once the shelter in place restriction is lifted I'm sure we will go back to doing a lot of things the way we did before. Normal grocery shopping (outside of our adventures at Jungle Jim's) won't be one of them. The time savings is too great to pass up.

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