Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Something I will carry past COVID-19: Yard time!

As mentioned before on this blog (and elsewhere) our yard looks really good by the end of the fall.

This is thanks to the fact that I can stand watching about 30 minutes of the Cleveland Browns before I write them off for another year.

But (also as mentioned on this blog) - this spring the yard looks great, thanks to the shelter at home.

This morning when I woke up I walked out with the dogs and smelled the fresh cut grass. And I saw the sun coming up over the yard.

I enjoy mowing. I enjoy the way the yard looks when I finish. I enjoy getting the steps (although my Apple watch doesn't count all of them when I mow).

Really, outside of weather (and work related travel I guess), there's no reason I can't continue to get those benefits after the COVID-19 crisis. The key is to plan the time.

Especially this year - the yard should look great all summer.  We were going to go to Europe for two weeks in June. That trip had to be postponed. That means I have two extra weeks of vacation. That equates to ten extra days of time to make the yard look great. Even if the Browns are somehow interesting this year I still have enough time.

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