Monday, April 27, 2020

Something I will carry past COVID-19: Naming my day

Recently I was reading and came across an idea by Dr. Dave Martin. I don't know that he came up with this idea, but it's a simple and profound one:

To seize the day you must name the day.

I changed it up a little bit: Name my day. Adding that pronoun makes all the difference. Every morning when I wake up I have been given a day, It's my day. I need to make the most of the day I've been given. To do that, I need to name my day.

Some of the examples given by Dr. Dave were productivity, efficiency, study, organizing, decision, value, diligence or activity.

The concept is similar to one outlined in Jack Canfield's The Success Principles (Jack is also one of the authors of the hugely successful Chicken Soup for the Soul series). In the success principles, you choose one of three focuses for each day: Best (as in my best results / execution), Plan (as in plan for more days of best results, or Rest (as in what I did on Saturday).

I have used Jack's ideas in my monthly planning (he even has a free monthly planner here, you do need to sign up for e-mails though).

On a daily basis though, I like the idea of being more specific on naming my day. For instance, yesterday was my day of (excuse the term) "Cleaning shit up". That wasn't literal, but it was memorable. Every time I needed to think of the day - I knew right away what I needed to do next.

As for today, it's the day of "Completing every task on today's to-do list". That helped me set up the list in the morning ("There's no way of getting to that today, I will postpone") and helps me through the day. Complete a task, check it off and move on.

For example: One of the items on today's list was "Publish the Name My Day" blog post.


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