Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Something I will carry past COVID-19 - Recorded Zoom meetings.

I take a lot of notes. And I do a fairly good job with them. I take them in four colors (you may have heard). In addition my grown up four color pen has a pencil on it - useful for side margin notes that I know I will later erase. (Use your imagination)

But for all my notes, there are times when I go back the next day or next week and say "What exactly did I mean by that?"

I can now answer that question, thanks to recorded Zoom meetings.

Last weekend I had a call with my public speaking coach, Michael Davis of Speaking CPR. We covered a lot of ground. I took a lot of notes. I thought I captured everything.

I captured MAYBE 50% of what was said.

Yesterday I went back and watched the recording. Wow. I added a second full page of notes. Notes that, in combination with the recording, I will put into my speech script today.

Normally Mike and I meet over breakfast. I do miss that. But in terms of improving my speeches this Zoom meeting is even more effective.

I guess we could zoom our breakfast meeting when we next can meet for breakfast. Yeah... and we could invite people. Make it a pay per view. Watch me tear into an omelet while Mike gives great advice.

OR... we could just meet for breakfast and then zoom after. So many options...

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