Sunday, April 12, 2020

Something I will carry past COVID19 - Extra dog time

About one day into the stay at home strategy I realized that dogs would love having people around all the time and cats... well this post isn't about cats.

As Beth and I have spent more time in the yard we've also had more time with dogs.

Sometimes they're spectators.

Other times they take a more active role.

Bailey the hippo

What I've really enjoyed is those mornings when I'm reading and enjoying a cup of coffee. Maisy has started to join me.

It's become a routine for her. I know this because yesterday as I walked over to the chair to start my morning routine, she jumped in ahead of me. I moved her to my lap, and she immediately took a nap.

Once it's back to normal and I have to account for a commute we will have to get up earlier to keep the routine going. But I'm good with that. And I know Maisy will be too.

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