Thursday, April 30, 2020

Something I will continue past COVID-19: Member's Mark Toilet Paper

Our last pre-shelter in place trip to Sam’s Club (early March) had toilet paper on the list. We didn’t want to be part of the rush on the shelves but we only had about four rolls left at home.

When we got there they had 45 roll packs of Members Mark toilet paper on pallets.

We didn’t need 45 rolls. We'v never needed 45 rolls at once. But that’s all they had. And they only had Member’s Mark Toilet paper.

I have tried Member’s Mark products in the past. It started with a briefcase (not bad) then disinfectant wipes (this was a long time ago and they were good), then decaf coffee kcups (also decent).

There’s a product commitment continuum at work here.  A new brand has to build up trust before they can move along that continuum. And toilet paper is, as you might imagine, on the far end of that continuum. One does not simply move from coffee directly to toilet paper.

Well one doesn’t on the product commitment continuum anyway.

In the absence of other options I’m certain we would have never gone to Member’s Mark toilet paper.

And I’m doubly sure we wouldn’t have jumped in with 45 rolls.

But (no pun intended) we didn’t have any other choice.

And it was 45 mega rolls at that point! A total of 293.6 square feet per roll. Multiply that all out and we could cover the house. I think. I might do another post on this number later.

I mention square footage because square feet is the only way I can tell how much toilet paper I’m really getting.  

It used to be easy: TP came in a four roll pack. Then someone (Charmain I think) came up with super rolls which were like two rolls in one, then mega rolls which were three in one, then you’ll need to cut a slot in the drywall to fit this roll, and so on.

And all of the sudden I need a calculator to figure out how many rolls I’m getting per dollar.

I digress.

We got a cart full (aka 45 rolls) of Member’s Mark TP.

The bottom (pun completely intended) line: Their toilet paper is soft. Really soft. You could use it for a pillow soft. And it’s not single ply crap (pun also intended) either.

45 rolls goes a long way too. 

As I write this we still have over 40 rolls left.

But (pun intended and beaten to death) at some point we will run out. And when we do I will run out to Sam’s to get more.

This also effectively gives Members Mark an “Advance to Go” card. Any product that lies between kcups and toilet paper (facial tissue for example) is now green lighted.

I wonder if they make hair clippers?

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