Saturday, April 4, 2020

The great coffee draft, revisited

In 2018 we found a 12 pack of k-cups "The 12 coffees of Christmas" at Jungle Jim's.

They were on sale, so we decided to give one a try.

The next day, Tom, Beth and I had our K Cup draft. 

We picked in order of age, so I had the number one pick. There really was no Zion Williamson type of k-cup, so I offered Tom a trade down.

He didn’t see a franchise k-cup either, so he declined. 

The coffees were so good we bought two more packs. One for us and one for a gift.

The flavors were things like Oh Fuuuuuudge (Beth's favorite), Candy Cane, Spiced Eggnog, Santa's blend, etc.

There is a bit of strategy in the draft: Beth and Tom know there is no chance I will pick chocolate coconut blizzard. And I know there is no chance they will take Peppermint Mocha. The competition is around flavors like Glazed Cinnaomn Roll, Roasted Chestnut and Hot Buttered Rum.

In the end, the box looks like this.

This box, it turns out, is from a 2019 buy at Jungle Jim's, one we just found in the closet as we cleaned it out yesterday. Note that we had a draft, and two flavors are already gone.

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