Thursday, July 18, 2019

El Milagro Notes - July 18, 2019

Today we took a tour of the Temple of the Moon. Well, not THE Temple of the Moon (the one by Machu Pichu) but the one by Trujillo.

This one actually predated the Incas.

This (was the) one where every room was either used for human sacrifice or used to prepare victims for human sacrifice.

And it sounds like preparation for human sacrifice involved getting drunk and/or stoned, so there was - at least in the years 100 to 800 - a silver lining.

The temple also had irrigation, or a water slide. Who can say for sure?

After the temple tour we toured the shopping district near the ocean. A lot of crafts and a lot of crap. The crap included loads of coffins with an anatomically correct male skeleton. When you opened the lid, well, you can guess what happened.

Now that I think of it, since it was a skeleton, it was technically anatomically incorrect.

Tom went to the beach and added to his "sands of the world" collection.

We ate at a restaurant on the beach. The food was perfectly okay. Part of that is on me, because I ordered my food sin sal (without salt).

Tom got a hat and sweater. We are right in the middle of the Tropic of Capricorn, but we are also on the Pacific Ocean and a cold water current. Tom wound up wearing both.

I am surprised that I can communicate somewhat effectively with wait staff and vendors. (Of course they have incentive to communicate with me).

Not completely effectively mind you. I ordered Coca Cola Sin Azucar and received Inca Kola Sin Azucar. At least it was caffeinated.

I'd say my Spanish is better than Jose Ramirez's Spanish.

But Jose hits a lot better than I do.

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