Friday, July 19, 2019

El Milagro Notes - July 19, 2019

I really hit it off with one of the guys from New Mexico. His name was Joe.

Joe is a good ol boy. He says words like "shit".

I like Christians who can say "shit". They're not stick-up-their-ass Christians. (I also like Christians who say "ass").

I'm not saying there were any SUTA Christians on the trip.

I'm also not saying there weren't any.

Joe bought a leather bottle of Pisco (pronounced Peesco unfortunately). It was pretty cool. I think he paid S30 for it ($10). A good deal.

He regretted not getting two and drinking some with me while we were in El Milagro. I regretted that too.

I like Christians who drink.


Joe: Man I'd rather take a prostate exam than take that long flight home.
Phil: If you upgrade to first class you can get both.

Post script: I got some Pisco at the duty free shop in Lima. It cost more than S30. And it tasted like rocket fuel. (Really good).

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