Thursday, May 7, 2020

Something I will carry past COVID-19 - A bigger network + Zoom

On Saturday I watched my friend Todd Taylor win his Division Speech contest. Todd is a Toastmaster from Cuyahoga Falls (aka Cleveland area). Todd and his wife Jennilee invited me to their club to speak (virtually) and gave me feedback. On Saturday I started to repay that favor.

Thanks to my network I have gotten speech feedback not only from my core speech team in Cincinnati (Michael Davis, Michael Pope and David Levy among others) but also from Toastmasters in Cleveland, Chicago (Jeff Stein), Denver (Rich Hopkins) and New Zealand (Kingi Biddle plus several members of his club).

And we're just getting started. Michael Pope has set me up to speak at a Cincinnati club this week, and another club in Barcelona. Spain!

I didn't have a clue what a big network plus Zoom could mean for speech development, or any project for that matter. Now that I do, I can't go back.

I know there is at least one virtual Toastmasters club out there, and I'm guessing there will be more by the time this is all over. I'll be looking to sign up.

Meanwhile, I get to check South America off my virtual Toastmasters meeting list this week, as I will be attending a meeting hosted in Lima, Peru (I'm attending, not speaking).  That leaves Asia as the only continent left on my checklist. Ironically, Asia has more Toastmasters clubs than any continent outside of America. Not so ironically, I'd have to get up early to attend their meetings - and I haven't been able to pull that off quite yet.

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