Sunday, May 3, 2020

Something I will continue past COVID-19: Creek exploration

We have a small creek (more like a ditch actually) that runs through the back of our property. It becomes a bigger creek when it gets to my in-laws property.

Approximately once (twice if we're lucky) a year we go fossil hunting in the creek at my in-laws. Frequently this has been done with groups of Cub Scouts or later on Boy Scouts, because you're never too old to explore a creek.

It's a great chance to hunt for fossils, or other cool rocks.

I found these circles in the creek bank. I'm still not sure what they are. I picked at one and it fell apart, so I'd say it's not a fossil.

The stay at home / social distancing environment has given Beth, Tommy and me two chances (so far) to explore the creek. The increased frequency is something we want to keep doing after COVID-19.

For me the woods and the creek are the ultimate place for social distancing.

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