Sunday, October 18, 2020

Start your day like a dog. Start your day with a dog (or three).

I recently read about a study done in 2012 and 2015.  

The bottom line 

"Individuals who watched just three minutes of negative news in the morning had a whopping 27% greater likelihood of reporting their day as unhappy."

Here's the link to the full study.

Here is a picture of our dog Bailey. 

Bailey is now nine years old. She has had two knee surgeries. Her joint pop when she gets up and down. 

But look at the picture. The tail is out of focus. Almost every picture we take of Bailey standing up has a tail out of focus. Because she's always happy, and always wagging her tail.

Here is a picture of Maisy.

Maisy is one year old - still a puppy. Every morning (after her breakfast) she jumps up on the couch and sits on my lap for around ten minutes.

And this is Jesse. Jesse is almost four years old, and more of a cow than a dog. But he still likes having lap time. And I like it too. 

When you start your day with bad news, you are 27% more likely to have a bad day. I haven't done an experiment to validate this, but I believe that you get an additional 27% by starting your day happy (like Bailey). For me that involves letting a dog (even a big one) jump up on my lap for a few minutes.

When you start your day holding a dog, even a huge one, 

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