Monday, October 12, 2020

The return of the Sunday project

Last year at this time I was well into my Sunday afternoon project list. 

And here's why I did it.

Basically I threw a fit because the Browns blew their first game. But the fit worked out really well for three reasons: 

  1. Beth and I got a lot done (see also posts). 
  2. The Browns were terrible, especially in light of the heightened expectations for the season. 
  3. Thanks to those expectations they were on Sunday night, Monday night and Thursday night, so I didn't have to give up watching the Browns entirely. (Even though I probably should have).
This year the Browns opened with a 38-6 embarrassment in Baltimore. So I swore off Sunday afternoon football. 

Five games in to the season that looks like a bad choice. The Browns are 4-1. 

That said, even without reasons two and three we are enjoying Sunday afternoon projects.

Okay Phil - why aren't you posting them on Social Media?

Because we bit off really BIG projects to start. Neither are completely finished. Both will be great posts when they are done.

Project One: The church pew.

Several years ago (more than I care to admit) we bought a pew at the Catholic church rummage sale. It's likely from the 1800s. It needed re-finishing. And sanding. And staining. And more straining. 
Current status: It's done and airing out in the garage. It will soon be moved into its permanent home, and all the before and after pictures will be posted. PLUS: I will post all the things I learned (the hard way) on this project.

Project Two: The basement reorganization.

I love board games. I have collected a lot over the years. More than 400. They have been stored in the basement in various areas. 

This project has two phases:

  1. Go through all games and decide what stays and what goes.
  2. Box them up accordingly.
We worked one Sunday on this so far.

Here is the four week summary of the Sunday projects to date:

Week 2 (Browns beat Bengals on Thursday night) - Pew project.
Week 3 (Browns beat Washington) - Pew project.
Week 4 (Browns beat Dallas) - Games project.
Week 5 (Browns beat Indianapolis) - Weekend in Indiana, hiking and shopping.
Week 6 (Browns are playing and hopefully beating Pittsburgh) - Town cleanup project with Boy Scouts followed by family dinner.

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