Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Playing with iMovie - my first trailer

My friend Bill made a video... 

And it was really cool. So I said "Hey Bill - how did you make that?" He said "iMovie trailers!"

All this time I've been messing with iMovie I never once did a trailer. Until now.

I took some of the footage from the Great kid movie project, and played with various trailers until I came up with something fun.

What would (will) I do differently?

I would make a copy before I tell iMovie to "convert trailer to movie". Somehow I missed the whole word "Convert". That meant that once I discovered something I wanted to change (specifically the camera bobble when Joe is standing by the cow fence) I couldn't do it. Not easily anyway.

And then there was the whole closing credits thing...

So who's Pickles McWeiner anyway?

 It's a Facebook account my oldest son created about eight years ago. This was another thing I wanted to change after conversion. That wouldn't have been too difficult actually, but once I saw it I thought "Meh. It's kind of an Easter Egg..."

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