Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Update on Lent

The donate jar is a donate box.

Through one week it has ten items in it.

Five from the "S" word. This is no surprise. The "S" word has been passed down from generation to generation in my family. I'm not sure saying "I'm German" is a legitimate excuse or not.

(Recent evidence has shown me to actually be more Swiss than German - at least my brother's DNA test said HE was... I'm too cheap to pay for a test, especially now that he already did it).

But I digress...

Two from the "A" word. There is still some debate about this one, as I was not referencing a body part but was actually using it to describe my behavior, and comparing it to a donkey. Still - I'd rather donate something than try to claim a technicality.

One from the "P" word. There is no debate about this one, as I was talking to one of our dogs.

One from the "H" word. Frankly, I'm surprised I EVER say that word. But I did. And I paid.

And one other. The one word to rule them all. And the one word where I totally got my money's worth.

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